Alcohol use or alcohol abuse?

Ultimately if you think you are drinking too much, then you probably are.  Whether you drink moderately every day  but seem unable to let a day go by without a drink, binge drink at weekends or just have a drop of brandy every night because you can’t sleep without it,  you may need some help in cutting down or cutting it out.

Ready to changeDo you want to cut out alcohol completely or are you just wanting to cut down to a healthy level?

Whatever your circumstances, we would look at what you drink, how often and how much and work together to develop a strategy to suit you.  We would also look at what your triggers might be, and work through some ways of handling those better.  A combination of hypnosis plus easy to work with strategies will help you towards achieving the goals that you set.

I want to cut down on how much alcohol I drink, but I still want to be able to drink sometimes.

For most people who drink, cutting down on alcohol but not cutting it out totally, is viable.   If you have a job that requires you to be out socially with clients or colleagues cutting out alcohol may not be ideal or desirable.

I am a heavy drinker – maybe a bottle of vodka every day. I want to stop drinking totally.

If you are a very heavy drinker, then cutting down first before total cessation is likely to be the safest way stop.  We would work together to develop an achievable program where you would begin to decrease the amount of alcohol consumed while undertaking a detox and nutrition strategy.

Is alcohol negatively affecting your life?  Does it make you moody or aggressive? Is it affecting your job or your relationships? Are you tired of waking up with a fuzzy head?

Have you thought about ow much damage is the alcohol doing to your body?  Visit Drink Wise Australia for more information and call 0435577964 for a free telephone consultation with Agile Hypnosis.

Whether you want alcohol reduction or alcohol cessation, hypnosis can help you towards breaking habitual behaviours and to accept new strategies more easily. It may help you work out why you drink and in doing so help you to make the changes necessary to get your life back on track.  There is no better time than right now to get started.


Testimonials that have been provided on the Testimonials page, are the experience of the individual that provides their story.  They are an example of someone that has experienced a benefit. However a successful outcome while desirable can not be guaranteed.
I work with clients to aim toward achievable goals.  I do not support fad diets, rapid or unhealthy weight loss or unrealistic goals.  Your successful outcome is very important to me and it matters that we start from a sensible and healthy standpoint.


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