Fears & Phobias

Is a fear or phobia holding you back?

Fears and phobias can be utterly debilitating, and friends, family and colleagues often don’t understand why you put off doing the things that they think are simple and safe to do.  Perhaps you have not even told them just how bad the mere thought of doing something makes you feel.

Perhaps you avoid changing jobs because you are painfully shy and can’t bear the though of making new connections.  Maybe you turn to mush when you go for interviews, suddenly  unable to think of the right thing to say, even though you know you are likely to be the best applicant.

Have you avoided going on holiday because the thought of flying fills you with utter terror?

Maybe your kids would love a dog, but you don’t see the fluffy bundle of joy that they see, instead you see a dangerous animal.  Or maybe you see germs and bacteria with a wagging tail.


Fear or Phobia?

Fear is a a healthy response to a perceived danger. For example if I were to see a tiger walking down my street, fear would be a healthy response.  However if I find myself unable to visit a zoo because they have tigers there, then that would be an classified as a phobia.

If you find yourself suffering from stress or anxiety at the prospect of going somewhere or doing something that everyone else seems to think is safe then you may well be suffering from a fear or a phobia.


Can hypnosis help?

The good news is that hypnosis can help many individuals to resolve things .   Sometimes in our heads the program gets a bit stuck. Hypnosis helps to rewind the program releasing the anxiety and allowing us to step back and reassess the situation.

At my clinic I tailor each clients session to their presented issue and chosen outcome.  No issue is too ‘silly’ if something is negatively affecting how you live your life and it is important to you, then it is important to me too.  We will work together to get to a point where you feel comfortable

The clinic environment is a safe and comfortable one where you  can discuss your issues in complete confidence .

Testimonials that have been provided on the Testimonials page, are the experience of the individual that provides their story.  They are an example of someone that has experienced a benefit. However a successful outcome while desirable can not be guaranteed.

I work with clients to aim toward achievable goals.  I do not support fad diets, rapid or unhealthy weight loss or unrealistic goals.  Your successful outcome is very important to me and it matters that we start from a sensible and healthy standpoint.

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