Remote Sessions

Personalised Hypnotherapy Audio Files

Introductory Offer

My preference will always be to see clients face-to-face.  However I understand that it is not always convenient for you to make it to a hypnotherapy session at my clinic.  Therefore, I am introducing a new service of personalised hypnotherapy audio files. You may opt to have these as a downloadable MP3 file or on a CD which would be posted out to you.

For a limited time these sessions will be half price at $79.

These are not off the shelf products. The same amount of time and effort will go into each CD as goes into each face-to-face session.  Off the shelf downloads are of course a great way to get a feel for hypnosis and the benefits can be real and long lasting.  Nonetheless, a hypnotherapy session which is tailored to your particular issue, using your examples, and is not from a generic script, will be much more effective. At your request, I will send out an initial questionnaire and will then follow that up with an initial telephone consultation.  If you decide that you would like to proceed, payment would be required.  on receipt of your payment an additional telephone consultation will then take place where we will discuss in detail, what you would like to achieve.  The consultations can also be done via Skype if you prefer. I will then put together your personalised audio file and make it available for you to download.




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