Stress & Anxiety

Is stress or anxiety holding you back?

Do you struggle with stress and anxiety in social situations or at interviews? Do you practice what you intend to say endlessly in your head but when you go to speak it becomes a garbled stream of words that seem to make no sense. Do you wonder how other people appear to be so at ease when speaking publicly?

Does stress or anxiety strike at the thought of doing something different or embarking on a journey. And does it manifest itself in damaging ways, perhaps anger that is out of proportion to the event, or binge eating, smoking, drinking too much alcohol or maybe being overly concerned with domestic cleanliness?

Anxiety seems to be at the root of so many issues. Surprisingly even those who appear supremely confident can feel like they are dying on the inside when taken out of their comfort zone. You are not alone. Thankfully anxiety and stress can be  resolved and taken under control by you.

Life can be incredibly stressful, with a multitude of demands on our time, work, family, friends, and little or no time for yourself. Perhaps on top of the stress there is poor diet, excess alcohol or not enough exercise.

How does hypnosis help with stress and anxiety?

How often do you take time to really relax and straighten out your thoughts?  Think of your mind as if it were a computer, full of information and files and programs.  Hypnosis is like doing a re-boot of your computer. Hypnosis allows you to shut down and restart your mind.  Files that are in the wrong place can be put back where they belong and any junk in the waste bin can be emptied out.  At the end of a hypnosis session clients are usually amazed at how relaxed and unstressed they feel.  How un-jumbled their heads seem to be.

The brain is a muscle and hypnosis gives it a great work out.  You should sleep really well after a hypnotherapy session.


Hypnosis really can help you to release stress and let anxiety go, or diminish and control it if you prefer. It can help you break some bad habits and make some good new ones. Squeezing in a bit of time for yourself along the way.

Even one session of hypnosis can bring about real and permanent change reducing levels of stress and anxiety to manageable levels. Further sessions can be booked if you feel it to be necessary.  Visit the Fees page for information on cost.

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