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Time to get in training for those new-years resolutions!

With New-Year fast approaching I got to thinking about all the resolutions made, and wondering why it is we wait until January 1 to make the changes.  I suppose there is something cathartic about starting something at New Year, welcoming in a new behaviour as we see out the old year. Perhaps it is like deciding to start a diet on Monday or quit smoking on Sunday.

But why do so many resolutions fail?  I read an article recently that suggested rather than jumping into doing something new, we should practice the behaviour first. For example those planning to lose weight might consider daily / weekly weigh ins without trying to lose weight –just to become aware of the body’s natural fluctuations.  And also seeking out tasty but lower calorie versions of favourite foods or trying a few new lower calorie recipes and incorporating them into pre diet routines.  Discovering a handy short jogging route and trying it out once a week before jumping in the shower on a workday can help to build up to motivation and ease us back into fitness.

Hypnosis for change

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